Pulmonology - Information for your Visit


We take pride in what our patients think of us.  So, to make your experience with us a little bit easier we have provided you some information about our office. If you are a new patient, you can print the linked forms and bring them to your appointment. You may need to turn off your "pop-up blocker" to access the forms. All new patients need to complete the first 6 forms on the list. However, the Sleep Questionnaire is only for patients coming for evaluation of sleep apnea.

Some of this paperwork is related to your health history, some is for billing purposes, and some is related to our ability to obtain or share information and records regarding previous medical treatment and diagnostic tests. You should bring this completed paperwork with you to your first appointment.

 When you come to your appointment, you will also need to bring:

  • List of all medications currently taking (or just bring the bottles)
  • Your current insurance card(s)
  • Medical records from physicians you’ve seen in the pastPayment for co-pays, co-insurance, and/or deductible for services rendered
    • Actual CDs or films of chest X-rays, CT Scans (or other X-rays or scans you may have had). If you had diagnostic services at Doctors Imaging Group, Invision, North Florida Regional Medical Center, Lake CIty Medical Center, or Putnam Radiology Group we can get those for you. But if you have had any other chest X-rays, CTs, etc done ANYWHERE ELSE you will need to bring copies (CDs or films) to your appointment. We do not have access to records from any UF Health so you will need to bring those to your visit. The physician will review these CDs or films during your appointment,
      • if you do not bring your CDs or films, we may have to reschedule you

Please arrive about ten minutes before your appointment: We need to collect your paperwork and make copies of your insurance cards, etc. New patients will be reminded via telephone calls approximately ONE DAY prior to the scheduled date. If we are unable to confirm with you, we may have to cancel your appointment. If you get a message asking you to call us, please do call back at (352) 375-0302 to verify you will be able to make the scheduled appointment.

Payment for Services and Billing Your Insurance: Co-pays, deductible, and co-insurance are due AT TIME OF SERVICE. Payment plans can be arranged by calling our office and asking to speak to the Billing Coordinator prior to your appointment (352) 375-0302. We are providers for most insurances, but it is your responsibility to verify that we are within your plan’s network for your best benefits. We will bill most insurances (even if we are not on your plan), but you are ultimately responsible for any charges not covered (paid) by the insurance company. If your visit requires a pre-authorization, please bring that authorization number with you. Payment of co-pays and co-insurance is due at the time of service. Please do not ask us to bill you for amounts that are due at the time of service.

Our Patient Lobby: We have THREE physicians, ONE Certified Physician Assistant, and TWO respiratory therapists. Each sees patients on separate schedules. Our patient lobby does get full, and sometimes a patient who arrives after you may be taken back before you. You must always check in at the receptionist desk when you arrive so that the staff knows you are here. However, if you feel that your wait is too long, please speak to one of our receptionists immediately.

Speaking with your health care provider: When you call our office to speak to a member of your health care team,know that they try to call patients back within one business day. Return calls are usually made after they are done seeing patients that day. If you feel you are having a true emergency, go to the nearest emergency room rather than calling our office. Our physicians are on call 24/7 and can be reached by calling (352) 375-0302. Non emergent requests should be made Mon-Fri between 9 AM and 5 PM.

Refills are handled (only for the medications our doctors prescribe for you) during office visits. If you need a refill before a visit, please try to call the office at least 2 business days before you need the refill.

Our goal is to provide you with excellent care and support and we are honored to be part of your health care team. If we may be of service in any way, please let us know.

Contact us in Gainesville, Florida, at (866) 942-0859 for more details on referrals or your upcoming appointment with SIMED Pulmonology.

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