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Allergies and asthma are common disorders which affect many individuals throughout various phases ofSIMED Allergy & Asthma Specialist life, from early childhood, all the way to the senior years. If you are tired of continuous hay fever symptoms, strange physical reactions to certain foods, or even the most minor skin welt from an insect bite, Southeastern Allergy & Asthma can help!

The Physicians of Southeastern Allergy & Asthma Specialists have helped many patients get healthy by troubleshooting the issue behind their allergic reactions. Our goal is to find out what is causing your reaction and to formulate a treatment plan. Once we pinpoint the cause of your allergies and/or asthma, we will begin your treatment plan and you will be on your way to a different quality of life.

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SIMED Welcomes Wendell Colberg, MD
August 13, 2014
Allergy Season is Here!
August 30, 2012
Spring is here, a time for growth, a time of renewal, a warming of the air besides the heart, a rainbow color of different flowingSIMED Allergy & Asthma Specialists serving Gainesville and Ocala, Florida with quality healthcare. plants which makes our environment a more pleasing site.

At SIMED Allergy & Asthma Spcialists the spring season means more allergies for our patients. With Spring, there is significant increase in pollen used by plants to spread their seeds so the species can survive. For some people, pollen is a nuisance, for others it really interferes with daily living such as having a constant runny nose, a bunch of sneezing one after another especially in the morning, itchy eyes which you cannot scratch enough. Some may also even develop asthma symptoms.

What could you do if you have spring allergy?
One possible way is to minimize outdoor activities early in AM, stay indoors in air-conditioned environment, to wash off quickly when you come indoors. If avoidance is not possible, you may try over the counter antihistamines good for itchy eyes, itchy nose, & sneezing but you need to take them on regular, preventive basis during your individual pollen season which may vary from weeks to months. Steroid nose sprays are one of the best medications available for nasal congestion which used to require a prescription but FDA recently approved one that is going to be available over the counter.

If medications do not work or you are not "a pill taker" there are available treatments such as Allergy shots, which if done correctly should not hurt, that significantly reduces your sensitivity so that exposure to pollen does not bother you.

The allergist, with his or her specialized training and expertise, can develop a treatment plan for your individual condition. The goal is to enable you to lead a life that is normal and symptom free as possible.

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