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Since 1998 First Care has been providing medical care for North Central Florida families. We take pride in our friendly, caring atmosphere, where our physicians take the time to listen to our patients' concerns. First care treats most medical conditions and can coordinate specialist referrals when needed. Both general medical care and occupational medicine are major components of the First Care practice. Please allow us the privilege to serve you, your family and your business.

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Dr. Noone’s Foolproof New Year’s Resolution Plan for 2015!
January 8, 2015
Some of the top New Years resolutions of 2014 were to loose weight, to enjoy life to the fullest, and to get fit and healthy. The percentage of people who achieve their new year’s resolution is only 8% (statisticbrain.com); this leaves a lot of room for improvement! SIMED's Primary Care and First Care's Tenley Noone, MD gives us some pointers on how to succeed at achevieng our New Year's goals for 2015.

Dr. Noone's simple rules to help you for weight loss.SIMED Health | Tenley Noone, M.D.
  • Avoid all the 'white' foods such as pastas, potatoes, rice and breads. This rule works because carbohydrates are directly metabolized to fat. Instead include lots of protein and raw and fresh fruits and veggies. Raw fruits and veggies have more fiber can help negate some carbohydrates. I recommend that when you need to, have a small amount of pasta over a bed of fresh spinach to keep your carbohydrates low and get the fiber which will help keep you fuller longer. Another tip is to remember it takes roughly 10 calories to maintain one pound of body weight, so if you're hoping to weigh 150lbs., that means taking in 1500 calories per day. This can help you avoid pitfalls like sodas, sweet tea, and that piece of cake with its 300 calories that is only feeding your 3 extra pounds.
  • Enjoying life to fullest isn't possible without a happy healthy brain, and the best way to help keep your brain help is to feed it. Reading is a great way to start improving memory, challenge yourself to tackle a book a month. Moderate cardiovascular exercise is the best way to increase blood flow to your brain, challenge yourself to try something you haven't done before such as yoga. Yoga can be a great way to get both your blood flowing and your mental focus sharpened, not to mention improve your balance, length your muscles and improve circulation and can help achieve the third most popular new years resolution of staying fit and healthy.
  • A new trend in fitness called “streaking” works well here too. Streaking refers to going on a workout 'streak', seeing how many days in a row you can work-out. As long as you vary the intensity and type of workout this can be a very healthy, challenging goal and a good mental work-out as well. Keys to success here are finding a good group of workout buddies for motivation and keeping your mental drive strong. Lots of groups are available online and locally, just look for anyone involved in running clubs, walking clubs, or workout classes. Some tricks to help keep you going are to visualize where you'll be one year from now, or to commit to a distant goal like a 5K race, a surf vacation, a mountain hike, or yoga retreat, and probably the most important is surrounding yourself with motivating pictures, quotes, and any excuse-kicking material you enjoy.
  • Another weight loss tool to incorporate in your program is lung strengthening and conditioning. Your lungs are your weight loss wonder. We metabolize lost weight into carbon dioxide which we exhale in our lungs, so try to include an exercise that gives your lungs and work, like deep breathing or running, and try to avoid things like smoking which is damaging to your best weight loss organ.
And finally please recruit your family physician at SIMED Primary Care to help guide you to your goals as they can be a very value resource of information and motivation. To schedule an appointment with a SIMED Primary Care provider please contact (352) 224-2225 or to request an appointment online please click here.    
Welcome Back Students!
August 25, 2014
SIMED would like to welcome back all of the students in North Central Florida for the new academic year. Whether you’re just starting out in a new school or looking forward to graduation, we know a new school year can be challenging. SIMED Primary Care and First Care can handle all of your health care needs so that you can stay on your A+ game!  

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DOT Testing
May 12, 2014

SIMED’s First Care Physicians Become Certified Medical Examiners for Commercial Drivers under New DOT Regulations

SIMED’s  Urgent Care physicians at First Care become certified Medical Examiners and listed in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners to provide required medical examinations to commercial motor vehicle operators.

Gainesville, FL, May 12, 14–   All commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operators are required to have a valid health certificate from a medical provider.  Beginning May 21, 2014 drivers can only be examined and cleared to drive by Certified Medical Examiners registered in the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners.

SIMED’s Urgent Care physicians at First Care have completed the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) approved training program and passed a national certification examination.  This training focuses on the understanding and application of all the medical guidelines set forth by the Department of Transportation.  The First Care Physicians are helping ensure drivers are physically and mentally fit to safely operate a commercial motor vehicle making our national and local highways a safer place to drive.

As required by the new requirements the Certified Medical Examiner inputs the CMV driver’s examination results into a FMCSA database.  This national database allows Certified Medical Examiners to keep track of the commercial motor vehicle driver’s medical results wherever they may be in country should they need to update or renew the driver’s medical certification.

Urgent Care of First Care of Gainesville

“A large part of the Gainesville community relies on our commercial vehicle operators and by providing this additional
service we aim to keep our drivers on the roads and our roads safe to travel.” said SIMED’s First Care physician Scott Wilson, MD.

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