Southeastern Urology prides itself in providing the best comprehensive urologic care to the men and women of North Central Florida. Our practice specializes in the most up to date treatments for a variety of urologic conditions including prostate cancer, bladder cancer, prostate health, female and male urinary incontinence, kidney stones, and sexual dysfunction. We understand that these issues can be uncomfortable for some patients. However, our promise is to provide you with the utmost confidential and professional standard of care. Our goal is to provide the highest quality urologic care with respect and compassion.

Our urologists combine skill and experiences to provide services for a variety of urologic conditions. We perform a variety of same-day surgical procedures in the privacy and comfort of our office. We offer the latest minimally invasive procedures for prostate enlargements including microwave and laser technology. We also provide minimally invasive outpatient procedures for incontinence such as Interstim testing (bladder pacemaker), female and male urethral slings, and collagen injections. Other procedures can be performed in the privacy and comfort of the same-day surgery center such as non-invasive kidney stone lithotripsy ("stone blasting").

Southeastern Urology also offers minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery for a number of urologic conditions. Laparoscopy is a much less invasive form of surgery that uses a small telescope to visualize internal organs through a small opening. Our urologists have performed hundreds of laparoscopic procedures including total and partial kidney removal, pyeloplasty for congenital kidney obstructions and adrenal gland removal. We routinely utilize the da Vinci surgical robotic system to perform prostate and kidney surgery.

These new minimally invasive techniques and surgical systems provide a shorter recovery time for the patient in addition to minimal scarring. These advances will allow you to get back to what matters most, your life!

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