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Southeastern Physical Therapy works under supervision of the SIMED Physicians to deliver the best in rehabilitation care. Our SIMED Health Physical Therapypatients enjoy the convenience of having a rehabilitation facility within the SIMED health care system. Below is a list of the available therapies we offer:

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     - Musculoskeletal therapy for Pregnancy 

Joint Health 101
August 13, 2014
SIMED Physical Therapy works hand in hand with our SIMED team of providers to ensure our patients not only get the highest quality physical therapy but to educate our patients in preventive care. Our team of therapists and physicians believe that with the proper preventive care we can heal injuries and prevent futures ones from developing. Here, our very own Mark Juario, PT shares some Joint Health 101 with us.
SIMED Physcial Therapy | Gainesville, Florida
Understanding Our Joints
A joint is the connection between two bones which allow the surrounding structures like the elbow, knees and back to bend, turn the head or wave with our fingers. The synovium and synovial fluid cushions the joints so bones do not rub together. But increasing age, injury, poor posture and being overweight can cause an increase in wear and tear of the cartilage causing damage to the joints and lead to arthritis.
The best way to care for our joints is to keep them and the muscles, ligaments, and bones strong and stable. Here are some tips for good joint health.

Exercise for Healthy Joints
Exercise can help you lose extra pounds and maintain a healthy weight. Research suggests aerobic exercise can reduce joint swelling and if high impact exercises bothers your joints, opt for a low impact exercise like swimming or bicycling. For people who are confined to a desk job, try to change positions frequently, take frequent breaks and stretch!

Watching Your Weight
Keeping your weight within a healthy range is the best thing you can do for your joints. Weight-bearing joints, such as your knees, hips, and back, have to support some, if not all, of your body weight.  Losing weight reduces pressure on your knees, hips, and back and helps prevent joint injury. Research has shown that with every pound gained, a person puts four times more stress on the knees.

Build Muscles to Support Joints
Strong muscles support your joints. Weight training exercises help build muscle and keep your muscles and surrounding ligaments strong. Lack of muscle strength can cause a lot of joint deterioration especially to the spine, hips and knees.  

Develop a Strong Core
Always include core strengthening in your exercise routine. Stronger abs and back muscles help improve balance and prevent falls that can damage your joints.

Know Your Limitations
Certain exercises and activities might just be too much for your joints. Consult a certified athletic trainer, physical therapist or coach to help you modify your exercises. Learn the difference between muscle soreness and “threatening pain”.

Improve Your Posture
Standing and sitting up straight protect your joints from your neck down to your knees and good posture also helps guard your hip joints and back muscles. Lifting properly is an important key to helping your posture. Try using large group of muscles in your body by bending the knees instead of bending your back.

Protecting Your Body Protects Joints
Make sure you wear a protective gear like a helmet, knee pads, elbow and wrist pads in a high risk activities including work.  Serious injuries or several minor injuries can damage cartilage. Injuries can lead to long-term joint problems. 

Ice is a great drug-free pain reliever. Ice helps relieve joint swelling and numbs pain and is a great drug-free pain reliever.  Apply ice to a sore joint wrapped in a towel or a cold pack for no more than 20 minutes.  Never apply ice directly to the skin.

Eating Healthy
Eating a healthy diet is good for your joints, because it helps build strong bones and muscles. Make sure you get enough calcium to build strong bones and protein for leaner and stronger muscles. Include vitamin D to keep bones and joints in good health. Vitamin C can also be included in your diet. Research suggest that antioxidants can help protect joints.

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